SIK is designed by a thunder of dragon nuns (Alen Ksoll, Margherita Huntley and Natalia Skoczylas) in the frame of the Collective Practices Research Couse at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Sweden, 2020/21

Disclaimer: everything on this page is a pure speculative fiction    

Summit for Intergalactic Knowledges is a digital LARP (Live-Action Role Play), a non-competitive game and an experimental educational tool for co-creating and playing in a speculative fiction world. It allows us to embody different non-human agents, form interspecies relations, learn from each other and re-shape how we think of ourselves as beings.

The game seeks to problematise human exceptionalism and speculate about alternative positions from which we can question, destabilise, and decenter humans. Through the ability to inhabit and experience those other than human, we can start addressing the challenges of the anthropocentric climate crisis, which privileges human and culture over non-humans and nature.

Through our characters engaging in different creative exercises, we explore various forms of non-extractive relationships and ways of being and relating to each other otherwise.

The game session takes around 2-3 hours and includes an intro workshop where players get ready for the game, the actual gameplay, and a guided debrief.

Prior to the game, the participants receive a guide for the game with inspiration, references and special character sheet. 

Some of our characters
Militant Optimist Futurist; Builder; Somatic poet; Druid; Half-Cat; Nomad; Artist in residency; Post-academic; Refugee from Forever Children Planet; Game Enginee; Lunar Witch; Interspecies Ethnographer; Slime-mold Therapist; Cyborg Representative; Hacker/Inventor; Microorganism Whisperer; Chronicler in Residence; An Interspecies Weaver; Comedian Elysia; Quantum Lychen; Dragon Nun and many more.

1st Edition
played at the Royal Institute of Art 
on 6th November 2020

2nd Edition
played at NOW PLAY THIS - A Festival of Experimental Game Design on 28th March 2021

We are looking for new host for the 3rd SIK edition. If you have questions, ideas, suggested readings, comments, want to collaborate, or just have a chat, let us know on

Two character sheets from the 1st SIK

Collective messages sent by the participants of the 2nd SIK as a response to the Pioneer Plaque initially launched in Space by humans in 1972.

Three screenshot of the secret zoom geometry configuration from the 1st edition of SIK