2nd Edition 

designed by Alen Ksoll, Margherita Huntley and Natalia Skoczylas

play at NOW PLAY THIS - A Festival of Experimental Game Design

on Sunday 28th March, 4pm GMT.

To book for this event please sign up here.

(everything on this page is a pure speculative fiction)

Summit for Intergalactic Knowledges is a digital LARP (Live-Action Role Play), a non-competitive game and an experimental educational tool for co-creating and playing in a speculative fiction world. It allows us to embody different non-human agents, form interspecies relations, learn from each other and re-shape how we think of ourselves as beings.

The game seeks to problematise human exceptionalism and speculate about alternative positions from which we can question, destabilise, and decenter humans. Through the ability to inhabit and experience those other than ourselves, we can start addressing the challenges of the anthropocentric climate crisis, which privileges human and culture over non-humans and nature.

Through our characters engaging in different creative exercises, we will explore various forms of non-extractive relationships and ways of being and relating to each other otherwise.

How to play: The game session takes around 2-3 hours and includes an intro workshop where players get ready for the game, the actual gameplay, and a guided debrief. Participants will also receive a guide for the game and a character sheet.

Description: Two character sheets from previous SIK participants 

Description: Three screenshot of the secret zoom geometry configuration from the 1st edition of SIK