An unorganised gathering of learning bandits with Tony Karlson and Ying Que

1. June 2019
Botkyrka Konsthall, Residence Botkyrka

Image/ Participants visiting the exhibition at Botkyrka Konsthall

A letter to participants:

Dear Learning Bandits,
We hereby invite you to participate in a day long gathering of being collectively, learning and unlearning, meeting, eating, dancing, friending on 1 June 2019
The gathering is for organizers in the fields of art, education, activism who want to meet, share, experience
We will talk, workshop, craft, dance, eat, drink and be together in moments of intimate and important exchange
We would appreciate it if you could bring some food for thought to share (literature, poetry, theory, music, choreography, video, drawing, photography sculpture, objects etc.)

In order to reach beyond our friends and familiar organisations we would like to ask you to extend the invitation to one other person, collective, group you think would want to take part in this day of exchange
Please let us know if you will make it, how many you will be, if you invited anyone else and if they are coming too by 29 May 2019 on
Food and drinks, workshop material and more will be provided by us and attendance is free of charge. Let us know if you have any access needs as well as dietary restrictions that we can take into account

With love,
Alen & Rosa
from School in Common

Image/ Collective walk around Botkyrka


Arrival at Residence Botkyrka (Krögarvägen 26, Fittja)
Introduction with Ying Que (facilitator of the day)
Visit to the exhibition Härifrån at Botkyrka Konsthal
Workshop I
Collective zine-making: Tooling Self-Organization
Workshop II
Collective rest with Tony Karlson
Workshop III
Collective cooking
Closing moment

Image/Collective zine-making: Tooling Self-Organization