Showcast of the project a school (is a school, is a _ ) in two public libraries in Stockholm County

4 — 17. November 2019
Orminge Bibliotek, Nacka

7 — 22. October 2019
Stadsbibliotek, Kista

A playful exercise in filling in the blanks, a school (is a school, is a _ ) was a long term project initiated by School in Commo in 2018 which invited students, teachers, artists, curators, zine-makers, friends, family and library visitors to rethink the notion of ‘school’ with us.

This happened in different moments of gathering, exhibitions, walking, talking, studying, listening, watching, sleepin and snoring in various locations around Stockholm and elsewhere in Europe. The blank space in the title was the starting point of any conversation, an open invitation to be filled in with complaints and questions on the status quo, and proposals that radically imagine and actualize ways of studying that are joyful and collaborative, go against teacher- student hierarchies, and the measuring and grading that dominates contemporary neoliberal education.

The exhibitions show a few of those statements collected from a series of workshops and conversations we had with middle school students from grade 9 of Adolf Frederik’s Music School, artists at the symposium ‘may I sit?’ at the University of Art and Design in Offenbach, artists Davide Christelle Sanvee and Antoine Guay who developed the exhibition Dissident Business with us in March 2019, and other informal moments of gathering over the past months. They are made into banners by designers Louise Khadjeh- Nassiri and Johnny Chang and presented in Orminge Bibliotek and Stockholm Stadbibliotek Kista and elsewhere to carry these messages further and as an open invitation to have these conversations yourself.

Image/Exhibition at Orminge Bibliotek, Nacka

Image/Exhibition at Stockholm Stadsbibliotek, Kista