Intimate from Time to Time

Intimate from Time to Time is a zine project initiated by School in Common that gathers a loose collection of thoughts on intimacy, community and collaborative practices. All contributions have been carefully selected by School in Common, based on conversations with friends, participants of intimacy manifesto and strangers who contributed to our open call.

The contributions reflect on trust, and its violation, safety, pleasure and pain. They speak on the closeness and connectivity of bodies, minds, feelings, which allow us to be intimately together. Loving and unloving relationships between families, friends lovers. The comfort of home, as well as its confinement, and the ability to make our own homes where we gather, organise, and befriend strangers.

Cover artwork by Tony Karlsson with contributions by Maria Guggenbichler, Anneli Bäckman, Rachel Pekeles, Jenny Soep, Karin Michalski, Ann Cvetkovich, Terra Critica, Julia Heijligers, Dani d’Emilia, Daniel B. Chávez, Liv Massei, Roll on, Roll on, Phenomena, Misses Rosewood, Lee Lai, Clementine Morrigan, Collective Çukurcuma, Sarah Reva Mohr and Young Girl Reading Group

Edited and published by SiC and friends
May 2018

Language: English

P.S. email us if you would like a copy