Intimacy Manifesto
The End of Property Relations
A sleep over and slow cooked meal with Maria Guggenbichler

Residence Botkyrka
April 7-8 2018

Images/made randomly by the participants through a lens of a disposable camera

Hortense Spillers thinks about the individual as a “certain kind of formation in relation to property.” Intimacy Manifesto murmurs and mumbles non-normative intimacies. Forms of queer, counter-sexual and boundless relation, community, family and home. Intimacies which understand clearly, yet go unapologetically against and beyond, notions of the individual, property, and relations as restricted to proper-ti-ing or being proper-ti-ied. Against and beyond the institutions of relating and belonging in western racial capitalism: against and beyond the individual, against and beyond property, against and beyond ownership, against and beyond coupledom, against and beyond marriage, against and beyond the nuclear family, against and beyond blood kinship, against and beyond citizenship, against and beyond the nation state, etc. Marriage will never set us free – neither will the individual, or subject status. “Love not as property relations, but the end of property relations.”twitters Che Gossett.

Intimacy Manifesto is an extended gathering, a listening meeting, a reading group, a loose hanging out, a make shift collective; making a slow cooked (vegan) roast together, sleeping over at the venue, bringing and sharing food, favorite songs and noises, associative samples, humble thinking, laughter, political listening, radical empathy and tentative thoughts.

(Sleep is the great leveler and snoring everyone’s kingdom.)

Reading List:
Hortense Spillers interviewed by Tim Haslett for the Black Cultural Studies web site collective in Ithaca, NY February 4, 1998

Morgan Bassichis and Dean Spade, Queer Politics and Anti-Blackness, in Queer Nectropolitics edited by Jin Haritaworn, Adi Kuntsman and Silvia Posocco, Routledge 2014

Alok Vaid-Menon, What’s R(ace) Got To Do With It?: White Privilege & (A)sexuality, 2014

Maria Guggenbichler
thinks and un-thinks, laughs, dances, plays, doubts, tricks, listens, talks, walks, organizes, works and sabotages, publishes, hides, and spoils the broth with too many cooks, partners-in-crime and friends. Projects take place in ongoing and long-term collaborations and friendships. And situate themselves in informal, often domestic and self-organized contexts. Together with her friend Amal Alhaag, Maria initiated and ran the Side Room, a platform for ex-centric cultural practices and thinking (2013-2016). They have been collaborating on many other events, programs, pranks and dances. Maria lives and works between Amsterdam and the mountains.

Residence Botkyrka
is Botkyrka Konsthall’s context-specific residency programme active within the interdisciplinary field of art, architecture, food and social practices. The programme encourages new forms of artistic research and art practices that engage in a local context

Intimacy Manifesto is organised by School in Common as part of a degree project within Curating Art, International Master’s Programme at Stockholm University. Presented with the support of Botkyrka Konsthall and Stockholm