2018 - ongoing

Collect(ive) thinks through documenting as a playful and plural act

it is a collection of thoughts — written, whispered, spoken, asked, answered, drawn, photographed — together forming a subjective, performative and incomplete recollection of openings, events, exhibitions and dinner parties

we invite those who are present to contribute with writings, drawings, poems, diagrams, images, statements and questions which are gathered in a collective zine edited and self-published by School in Common
crafts material is available for impromptu contributions, but prepared documents or afterthoughts are welcome too

let us know if you'd like us to document your event

Images/collective zine-making exercises at Supermarket Stockholm Independent Art Fair, 2019


Location: Stockholm
Date: 29. August 2018
Reading Edge Library

As part of the opening of the Reading Edge Library, School in Common engaged with the program through a collect(ive) zine-making and documenting of the event. Scanning, printing, cutting, writing and experimenting with everything we could find in the building. As well as gathering contributions from the other Reading Edge Library contributors.

Thank you, Erica Preli, Seroconversion, Sanna Blennow, Isabella Martin, My Lindh, and Ellinor Ljungkvist for your contributions!


Location: Supermarket - Independent Art Fair
Date: 07. April 2019

The Affective Labour Zine with participants of the PNP program

Part joke, part self-help, The Affective Labour Zine gathers gossip, advice, tricks and thoughts on affective labour and network culture in the arts.

SUPERMARKET's theme, Temporary Moratorium, asks for a suspension or short-term defiance of law. School in Common has taken up this invitation to temporarily suspend capitalist notions of competition and market economy (the inevitable laws of our times), in favour of a commoning of knowledges, opinions and emotions through the act of zine-making.

We invite you to let go of your competitive nature and share your secrets on how to network effectively, get funds for your curatorial and artistic projects, find the best-paying freelance gigs, and more. Together we will collect this material and get crafty to create the Affective Labour Zine, which can then be shared (for free) with anyone in- and outside the four walls of SUPERMARKET Art Fair.

Inspiration for the zine can be gathered through the Affective Labour Reading Room, collected by School in Common and permanently installed in the PNP lounge.

Reading: I Literally Hate the Art World by The White Pube 


Location: WdW Rotterdam
Date: 10. May 2019

From Object to Zine with Sander Hintzen and Parallel Curriculum

How do we attach value to things? How do we think about material culture in relation to our everyday existence? Together with School in Common we cordially invite you to take part in the workshop From Object to Zine.
The workshop aims at developing material tools and methodologies in understanding our everyday surroundings. We invite our participants to take one of their everyday objects to Witte de With and develop a personal zine in relation to the object. We will provide a wide array of creative materials, media and techniques to experiment with; from the expected cut-and-paste material to physical materials (textiles, clay and paint) to reproduction techniques (polaroid cameras and scanners).

This event is presented as part of the student led programme Parallel Curriculum of Studium Witte de With. For the workshop Object to Zine Parallel Curriculum participant Sander Hintzen collaborates with Rosa Paardenkooper, curator and critical pedagogue from the initiative School in Common.
Read more about the Parallel Curriculum


Location: Rethinking Economics Festival 2019
Date: 18. May 2019

Rethinking Economics Zine with Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons
Join Casco Art Institute and School in Common in a room full of resources on commons-related economies and artistic practices. The room features material from the ongoing Redrawing the Economy program, FAQs on the Commons and Art, Parasite Lottery - the experimental lottery system for the art world by artist Wok the Rock.
Throughout the day, Casco Art Institute and School in Common will facilitate an ongoing zine making workshop from this room. The Rethinking Economics zine will capture the harvest of the versatile talks and discussions during the festival. Drop by to leave your notes, thoughts and material!

This event is presented as part of Casco Art Institute's presentation at the Rethinking Economics Festival 2019 and School in Common's Collect(ive) program.

Casco Art Institute studies and situates art and artists of today in the context of the commons. The commons refers to collective resources that are co-managed by self-organizing communities, putting the highest value on maintenance, care, sharing, cooperation and diversity.

Read more about the Rethinking Economics Festival