Mourning School
~ A permanent draft 

A long-term artistic study program on queering our relationships to death, dying, loss and grief. 

︎ This website was hand-coded by Rosa Simone to mark the final presentation of their residency at Nordiska Konstförbundet in Stockholm.

About Mourning School

Mourning School is committed to the study of being in grief as an everyday reality, imagining new ways of collective mourning to give name to, and make space for these feelings. The vulnerability of life, as it is threatened by climate crisis, the global COVID-19 pandemic, political, social and economic violence, inequity and precarity, loneliness and isolation, makes the proximity to death and loss more tangible for bodies that are considered expendable and ungrievable. Mourning School proposes queerness, in its most expansive form, as a method and framework to subvert and unsettle Western understanding and norms of death and mourning - as an individual problem or medical diagnosis - and the stigma that surrounds them. Weaving together personal experiences, emotions, contemporary art, music, queer theory and collective gathering, Mourning School builds a register of affective, sensorial and artistic practices to share what queer mourning may look and feel like.

~text last updated 29/01/2021~

A Permanent Draft

Over the course of three weeks Mourning School curator Rosa Simone was in residence at NKF, which gave time to study together, go for long walks in the snow, dive into archives, look at art works, have meetings, and more. This webpage shares a selection of references which together constitute the first version of what can be understood as a permanent draft or work in progress we call Mourning School:

“In other words, ‘queer’ in Queer Death Studies refers to both: (1) a noun/an adjective employed in researching and narrating death, dying and  mourning in the context of queer bonds and communities, where the subjects involved, studied or interviewed and the relations they are involved in are recognised as ‘queer’; and (2) a verb/an adverb that describes the processes of going beyond and unsettling (subverting, exceeding) binaries and given norms and normativities. Consequently, ‘queer’ becomes both a process and a methodology that is applicable and exceeds the focus on gender and sexuality as its exclusive concerns.”
- Marietta Radomska, Tara Mehrabi, Nina Lykke, Coming to Terms with Death, Dying and Mourning Differently. An Introduction., in WOMEN, GENDER & RESEARCH NO. 3-4, 2019.

Exerpt from The Alphabet of Feeling Bad, Ann Cvetkovich & Karin Michalski, 2012

Mourning School is initiated by Lucie Gottlieb Galleri Nef & Rosa Paardenkooper School in Common. A program of exhibitions, gatherings, letters and more will start in June 2021 with an exhibition at Galleri Nef.
Mourning School receives financial support from Kulturrådet, the Globus Opstart grant from Nordiskkulturfond. The program was in residence at Nordiksa Konstförbundet in January 2021 and will join Dear, in residence at Vifärnaholme in August 2021.
For questions on the program, please write to us at gallerinef[at] or love[at]