School in Common

self-organised school for

studying, learning and being in common

8-10.March 2018

Index - Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Wikipedia lacks representation on womxn both in content and in contributors (less than 10% of its editors are womxn) - unacceptable! Art+Feminism sets out to change this with a campaign to improve coverage of womxn, feminism and the arts on Wikipedia through a series of edit-a-thons that are organised in community centers, cafes and art spaces worldwide.


In an effort to support this campaign, School in Common organised a three-day editing marathon at Index - The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, where we engaged in some good old smashing of the patriarchy.


We would like to thank Carlota Jerez for co-organizing the event with us.

This project was supported by Index - the Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation,

Art + Feminism, The Tjeckiska Centret Stockholm and the Wikimedia Foundation.