self-organized school for studying,

learning and being in common 

based in Stockholm (SWE) and Utrecht (NL)

School in Common wants to host, be hosted, and create a space for people, thoughts, conversations and collaborations. We don’t have a venue, but travel around, self-organising in different constellations of friends, family and strangers, creating collaborative projects as we move along.


a school ( is a school, is a _____ )

a school (is a school, is a gathering)

a school (is a school, is a pamphlet)

a school (is a school, is an exhibition)

a school (is a school, is a cooked talk) 

a school (is a school, is a public lecture)

a school (is a school, is a LARP workshop) 


         #1 Reading Edge Library,, Stockholm 

         #2 Supermarket - Independent Art Fair, Stockholm

         #3 Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam


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