witte de with

self-organized school for studying,

learning and being in common 

based in Stockholm (SWE) and Utrecht (NL)


From Object to Zine

with Sander Hintzen and Parallel Curriculum

Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art  


How do we attach value to things? How do we think about material culture in relation to our everyday existence? Together with School in Common we cordially invite you to take part in the workshop From Object to Zine.

The workshop aims at developing material tools and methodologies in understanding our everyday surroundings. We invite our participants to take one of their everyday objects to Witte de With and develop a personal zine in relation to the object. We will provide a wide array of creative materials, media and techniques to experiment with; from the expected cut-and-paste material to physical materials (textiles, clay and paint) to reproduction techniques (polaroid cameras and scanners).

This event is presented as part of the student led programme Parallel Curriculum of Studium Witte de With. For the workshop Object to Zine Parallel Curriculum participant Sander Hintzen collaborates with Rosa Paardenkooper, curator and critical pedagogue from the initiative School in Common.

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