self-organized school for studying,

learning and being in common 

based in Stockholm (SWE) and Utrecht (NL)


The Affective Labour Zine

with participants of the PNP program 

Supermarket - Independent Art Fair  


Part joke, part self-help, The Affective Labour Zine gathers gossip, advice, tricks and thoughts on affective labour and network culture in the arts.

SUPERMARKET's theme, Temporary Moratorium, asks for a suspension or short-term defiance of law. School in Common has taken up this invitation to temporarily suspend capitalist notions of competition and market economy (the inevitable laws of our times), in favour of a commoning of knowledges, opinions and emotions through the act of zine-making.

We invite you to let go of your competitive nature and share your secrets on how to network effectively, get funds for your curatorial and artistic projects, find the best-paying freelance gigs, and more. Together we will collect this material and get crafty to create the Affective Labour Zine, which can then be shared (for free) with anyone in- and outside the four walls of SUPERMARKET Art Fair.

Inspiration for the zine can be gathered through the Affective Labour Reading Room, collected by School in Common and permanently installed in the PNP lounge.

Image: screenshot of I LITERALLY HATE THE ART WORLD, The White Pube, 2018. Read the full text here: