Rethinking Economics


Rethinking Economics Zine

with Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons

Rethinking Economics Festival 2019 


Join Casco Art Institute and School in Common in a room full of resources on commons-related economies and artistic practices. The room features material from the ongoing Redrawing the Economy program, FAQs on the Commons and Art, Parasite Lottery - the experimental lottery system for the art world by artist Wok the Rock.

Throughout the day, Casco Art Institute and School in Common will facilitate an ongoing zine making workshop from this room. The Rethinking Economics zine will capture the harvest of the versatile talks and discussions during the festival. Drop by to leave your notes, thoughts and material!

This event is presented as part of Casco Art Institute's presentation at the Rethinking Economics Festival 2019 and School in Common's Collect(ive) program.

Casco Art Institute studies and situates art and artists of today in the context of the commons. The commons refers to collective resources that are co-managed by self-organizing communities, putting the highest value on maintenance, care, sharing, cooperation and diversity.

Read more about the Rethinking Economics Festival here

Image: Redrawing the Economy 

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