School in Common

self-organised school for

studying, learning and being in common



collect(ive) thinks through documenting as a playful and plural act

it is a collection of thoughts — written, whispered, spoken, asked, answered, drawn, photographed — together forming a subjective, performative and incomplete recollection of openings, events, exhibitions and dinner parties

we invite those who are present to contribute with writings, drawings, poems, diagrams, images, statements and questions which are gathered in a collective zine edited and self-published by School in Common

crafts material is available for impromptu contributions, but prepared documents or afterthoughts are welcome too

if you'd like us to document your event send an e-mail to

collect(ive) is part of an ongoing investigation into collective zine-making as a form of study initiated by School in Common in 2018


29. August 2018

Collect(ive) #1

with Reading Edge Library