self-organized school for studying,

learning and being in common 

based in Stockholm (SWE) and Utrecht (NL)

a school (is a school, is a pamphlet)

school pamphlet is nosey and noisy, infiltrating your postboxes, inboxes and DM’s with questions on the what, how and for whom?1 of your school projects

a working, travelling and living document, makeshift workshop platform, performative reader and starting point for conversation

gathering different thoughts on, for and by schools to build on a shared pool of knowledge

What? school pamphlet is a publishing project based on a set of questions sent out to various learning initiatives and gathered in a cumulative publication format

Why? because as initiators of a school we want to hear the personal and messy stories of determination, joy and frustration behind projects related to schools, learning, study and knowledge

with the intention of learning from them, exchanging ideas, references, thoughts and feelings, to build on a collective pool of knowledge for current and future projects

Where? previous editions of school pamphlet can be found on our website and in a physical archive kept by School in Common

if you would like to host the archive in the future, please feel free to contact us

How? for each pamphlet we send out a set of questions which can be answered in any form (a text, a drawing, a photo, a graph, references, a link or a quote etc.) answers are returned to School in Common either digitally or via post


what makes your school a school?

why did you start a school?

when did you start your school?

what is the best thing you have done thus far?

who attends your school?

who would you like to attend your school?

who runs your school?

who would you like to run your school?

who pays for your school?

what would you like to change?

when do you want to close your school?

a school (is a school, is a pamphlet) is part of an ongoing project entitled a school (is a school, is a ___) initiated by School in Common in 2018.

The project is supported by Swedish Art Council and the City of Stockholm 

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