School in Common

self-organised school for

studying, learning and being in common


a school

(is a school, is a )

A playful exercise in filling in the blanks, a school (is a school, is a ) is a long-term project initiated by School in Common that invites you to rethink the notion of 'school' with us. Together, we want to create moments for learning, sharing and study outside of traditional learning environments. These manifest themselves in exhibitions, publications and workshops as well as walks, talks, collective cooking, camping, board games, study groups, crafts, deep listening and screenings.


The blank space in the title functions as an open invitation. It can be filled in with any name, place, project or activity that radically imagines and actualizes ways of studying that are joyful and collaborative, going against teacher-student hierarchies, careerism and grading systems dominating contemporary neoliberal education.


a school runs parallel to a research project into other initiatives that imagine and practice alternatives to formal education. Through conversation and collaboration with them, we will gather different methods of (self-)organizing, which will be translated into concrete tools for those interested in starting their own self-organized space for learning and study.

Fill in the blanks:


a school (is a school, is a gathering)


a school (is a school, is a pamphlet)

a school (is a school, is a ) is made possible with the generous support of Stockholm Stad and Kulturr├ądet.