School in Common

self-organised school for

studying, learning and being in common

24-26. October 2018

a school

(is a school, is a gathering)

A series of gatherings with primary and high school students on schools, the process of schooling, and the classroom, punctuated by different collaborative experiments and exercises.


Teachers are often confined to a lesson plan, grading criteria and other institutionalised methods that limit their ability to improvise and open up the curriculum. Together with students and in collaboration with teachers, pedagogues and artists we want to challenge some of these restraints in formal education and play with alternatives to them.


During our gatherings we open up the space of learning by taking students' considerations and experiences as a starting point. Rooted in bell hook's pedagogical strategy of situating the notion of experience into our learning, we re-envision every class as a community of learners in which everyone is responsible for creating the learning environment. We will attempt to collectively build our own curriculum and produce our learning materials, or decide together that we won't be needing those. As much as possible we want to allow for things to develop along the way, as we talk, read, laugh, sing and dance together.



gathering #1


a school (is a school, is a mapping, is a )

with students from the Adolf Fredriks Music School in Stockholm


In the first gathering we start mapping different proposals to what a school is, can and should be. Together we explore the potential learning environments and knowledges that exists beyond the classroom, and ask ourselves; how do we organise in these spaces? How do we find information? Who is the teacher and who the student?


By asking these questions together, we will fill the blank space in a school (is a school, is a ) with suggestions and tentative answers.




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a school (is a school, is a gathering) is part of an ongoing project entitled a school (is a school, is a ) initiated by School in Common in 2018 and made possible with the generous support of Stockholm Stad and Kulturr├ądet.